WatchGuard Security Update @Bali 2019

The Sakala Resort Bali
Event Time
21 Feb 2019 10:43 - 21 Feb 2019 12:00
WatchGuard Technical Consultant: Mr. Kok Tsong Foong
PT Prospera Aswindra Teknologi and WatchGuard Roadshow Event for Surabaya.

For this roadshow WatchGuard update for security threats that found in 2018 and trend in 2019.

In 2018 we found around 43% of zero day malware which is a large number for security concern which those of them cannot be solved using traditional antivirus (have no signatures update yet). Beside that, Cryptojacking is the "Threat of the Year" in 2018. One of the top malware attack in Indonesia was Cryptomining. The Ransomware is still widespread around.

The trend of phising are Spear Phising (a more customized phising email that targets a specific invidiual or group) and Whaling (Spear-phising that target C-levels).

WiFi attack and evil portal that target to get credential from the victims and drop malware to their victims devices.

WatchGuard protect those the security threat concern using:
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