How to Recovery Your Operating System and Data within Minutes from Ransomware Attack?

Webex (Webinar)
Event Time
07 Feb 2020 13:30 - 07 Feb 2020 14:30
Suleman, S.Kom
Since 2017 with massive of Ransomware attack, nowadays, the Ransomware attack become more advanced then before.
With Ransomware attack not only causing damage of our computers and data. But the business also get impact and disrupted by the Ransomware attack.

There are already many solution to protect from Ransomware attack, but the attacker are keep innovate and modify the attack methods. 

What can we do when there is a Ransomware attack? 
Reinstall the operating system?
Restore all the backup files?
How long this process could take? How long the business disruption are impact?