Fudo Security

 Fudo Enterprise | Intelligent Secure Access!

The most comprehensive and secure infrastructure access solution.

Fudo provides the best protection for remote connections to Unix/Windows servers, databases, web applications, and network devices. With the Zero-Trust approach, users only have access to specific applications and accounts for a reason and when they really need it. Thanks to the proxy/bastion architecture, Fudo is a fully agentless product that you can deploy and start using the same day.

Used by thousands of users worldwide, Fudo is the perfect tool for managing access to your DevOps, Admins, Privileged Employees, Freelancers, Subcontractors, Vendors, and all kinds of third-parties.

Main Features:


Fudo Enterprise helps organizations to meet compliance requirements: PCI-DSS, SOX, HIPAA, NIST, GDPR, ISA/IEC 62443.


  • Secure centralized remote access to (server) infrastructure
  • Protection againts intentional and unintentional abuse by privileged users
  • Cooperation of many administrators during one session
  • The forensic analysis
  • Educational use of recorded session
  • Efficiency analyzer 

Deployment scenarios


In bridge mode Fudo Enterprise mediates communication between users and servers regardless whether the traffic is being monitored (i.e. it uses any of supported protocols) or not.


Forced routing

Forced routing mode requires using a properly configured router. Such solution allows controlling network traffic in third ISO/OSI network layer, so only administrative requests are routed through Fudo Enterprise and the rest of the traffic is forwarded directly to the destination server.


For more information or demo, please reach our team at sales@aswindra.co.id.