SecPoint Penetrator is a vulnerability scanning virtual or hardware appliance that simulates how a hacker could penetrate a given system and reveal vulnerabilities.
SecPoint Penetrator Appliance:

The Penetrator™ vulnerability database consists of more than 21 years of research. The database has a total of more than 60.000 unique remote vulnerabilities to test for. This database is updated multiple times daily.

You can launch real exploits to verify that an identified vulnerability is exploitable. It is also possible to launch real Denial of Service attacks to test preproduction systems for stability.
You can connect multiple Penetrators in a distributed network. This gives many unique advantages such as:
Possibility to audit different locations from a master Penetrator located in another city.
The Penetrator ™ is designed to audit any operating system or network device. It is beneficial to audit any device in the network setup to find and rectify any identified vulnerabilities before an attacker can exploit the vulnerabilities.
All Penetrators support multi-user login. This could be used to create different accounts with different targets to audit or resold as (SAAS) to your own customers.
Branding and personalisation of reports and selling them as a service is permitted.